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The So-Etiquette Society is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status as a public charity.  The So-Etiquette Society's mission: 


Teach and provide youth with the social skills and related soft skills necessary to command an audience, lead a corporation, innovate and inspire others and themselves to greatness.


Inculcate proper manners, social graces and etiquette so that our youth will be comfortable in all social settings.


Teach and instill cultural competence for a global society.


Develop leadership skills.


Thinking ability to create/innovate.


Provide a "network" that would sustain youth their entire lives.





Changing the lives of youth... One Manner at a time!

Newport News, Virginia

The So-Etiquette Society endeavors to reach and teach youth in the community social intelligence so that they are able to excel. Having the knowledge and skillset to interact with others, especially in this now global world where access to other cultures, is as easy as a click or swipe on a phone, tablet or computer will help our youth to stand out among their peers.  The So-Etiquette Society seeks to be the "go to" organization in the community for the training and development of youth in the area of etiquette and social graces... while HAVING FUN!!

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